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Head Massage

Nativa Flow

Nativa: Meaning Native  
Flow: A State of being/ Our true nature

Nativa Flow is the embodiment of returning back to being in Flow with your Native Self. 

There are several ways nativa flow can be there to support you

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy ®️

  • Intuitive Coaching 

  • Self- Love Facilitation

  • Ecstatic Dance 

  • Cacao Ceremony

  • Dynamic Meditation

  • Chakra Healing Meditation

  • Holistic Massage 

Nativa Flow Therapy

A Natural State of being in Flow 

Different types of people require different types of therapy.  We don't believe in a one size fits all. 

Nativa Flow recognises we come from different life paths, 

have had different life experiences. 


As a result a bespoke treatment  specifically tailored to you and your needs, is designed to relieve you from presenting problems, health issues; basically anything that is no longer relevant in your current reality.

Through Kate's innate ability in understanding what people need and personalised approach to wellness.

Nativa Flow therapy will provide you with the necessary support in returning back to your true nature and reclaiming the confidence you were born with.


Enquiries and Questions

Well done for taking the first step in your journey. 
We would love to see if we can be of service in taking another step into self- awareness to being more in flow with your true nature.


Thanks for submitting!

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