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Common Queries

Looking for more information? Here is a short list of common queries below for some quick answers.

If you can’t find the answer, please get in touch, we'll do our best to answer your questions.

What are the payment options?

Not all prices are listed as prices change reflective of your requirements. 

Coaching and Therapy prices typically start from £55.50.

Pricing plans and concessions are available, so there will be something available for everyone. 

I am fearful of the process?

Facing your fears can be frightening.  

Remember the mind doesn't know the difference between nervousness and excitement.  

We can explain to you how you will be emotionally held, and still remain in control at all times.

I have never been to an ecstatic dance before?

The space created is open, heart- warming and non- judgmental.
You won't need to bring someone to hold your hand, there is a no talking rule when dancing.  The focus will be your own journey, and how deep you want to dive will be entirely up to you.
So, please come with an open mind and leave your judgments at the door.
You can pick your ego up on your way out...  Only if you want to of course.

I'm afraid of discussing my personal feelings openly?

We learn very early on that survival depends on being cared for.

We all fear that being different could mean we are rejected and choose to keep many personal problems to ourselves. Resulting in suffering in silence. 

The truth is we all have one or all of the following fears.

1. I'm different so I cannot connect.

2. I don't belong.

3. It's not available to me.

A quick realisation occurs when we are met with people that understand this and so it means we are all actually very similar. 

And so the fear dissipates; and if it doesn't we will get to work on!

What should I bring or what clothing to wear?

Something comfortable and easy to move in

Layered clothing may be useful incase your temperature changes hot/cold with movement vs relaxation.

At some point you may lie on the floor, or want to sit cross legged.

We also leave our shoes at the door with the ego so socks or slippers are welcome.

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