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Meet your coach

A little bit about me

I first learned about finding strength within and taking responsibility for what was showing up in life around late 2015.

This is when I can say I really began paying attention to what was showing up in my life,  that my life was my responsibility.

Both the 'good' and the 'bad'. 

Based on my values, ethics, priorities and principles. 

Previously, I used to think life was  happening to me?

Having attended many workshops, seminars, self-development/ coaching programmes, retreats, and having spent thousands of pounds doing so!

I now understand what shows up in our life is our reflection and on some level our creation. . .

I used to drop into 'victim mode' a lot.  At times, I was a victim.  Yet, the 'victim' soon become a story i  claimed based on what was familiar to me.  

When I learned I could say 'No' . That saying 'No' can be a complete sentence if I choose.  By saying 'No' to others would allow me to say 'Yes' to myself and my needs.  This was an epiphany and really took some time and heartache to learn. 

Now, there is a deep feeling of responsibility to share my knowledge and help others, the way I was assisted in getting the crap out of my glasses.  Based on my learnings, and having received the many valuable lessons that others have taught me, it feels true to pay it forward.

It is not true that we need to suffer.  That is old paradigm.  We are fortunate enough to have the freedom to choose.

If we make the right choices it is true we can create a life we love and heal where it is needed.

If you have read this far, you may just be ready to make changes.

The universe will only deliver what you can handle so let's have a chat and found out... 

It really is your call!

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