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Ecstatic Dance

Ecstatic Dance

Mind and Body integration workshop to remember you are here to create a life you love, to experience the freedom of being at one with the music and becoming the dance.

A pure self- expression to allow yourself to abandon rules and take up space.  

Truly remembering you are a spiritual being here to experience joy, love, creativity and to really feel that you have the capacity to be living a life of your choosing.

  • What To Expect. . . .

    ✨ To explore and question your current reality

    ✨ Cacao Ceremony

    ✨ Dynamic Movement Meditation

    ✨ Ecstatic Dance

    ✨ Community Connection

    ✨ Chakra Heaaling Meditation

    We are really passionate about this experience and ultimately feel we all need to not just be alive but to experience truly living in alignment with our passion and purpose.

  • Refund or Exchange

    In case you are dissatisfied with the event, or are unable to attend.  Just let us know and of course it is a straightforward refund or exchange policy.  As a great way for us to build trust and reassurance that you can buy with confidence.


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