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Holistic Massage for women

Holistic Massage for women

Touch is necessary for our everyday well- being.  Stress levels are immediately lowered, when we are cared for. Our overall mental health and self- esteem is naturally boosted. 

Whether we are applying the touch or someone else, it is a physical confirmation of Tender Loving Care - TLC. 

Being able to relax and recieve is a beautiful experience that we all deserve. 

All treatments involve a mini consultation so we can treat the whole body holistically, discussing any areas of concern or just talking through what you do/ don't like is how all treatments will begin.  The internal is just as important as the external, which is why questioning ones lifestyle can be an important discovery in your wellbeing.

See the variety of available options and trust that you will get a tailored treatment to suit your needs.

  • Relaxing Holistic Massage

    This soothing massage will get to work on releasing tensions, relaxing muscles, and smoothing away any aches and pains.

    A variety of strokes will be used, possibly oil or cream and a variety of pressures to suit each specific body part.

    The results of holistic massage include improved blood and lymph circulation.  Decreased physical effects of stress.  The relaxation created will improve serotonin levels and reduce many psychological issues ranging from anxiety, insomnia, depression, fatigue and many more.


  • Indian Head Massage

    A non invasive type of massage.  Yet no less powerful than any other massage, ranging from 10- 25 minutes.

    A traditional treatment derived from ancient Indian Ayurvedic medicine. Ayurvedic is sanskrit meaning : Ayur - meaning Life.  Veda- meaning science/ knowledge.  The overarching principle of Ayuvedic medicine and holistic massage on the whole is that prevention is better than cure. To treat maintaining balance and harmony throughout your body, mind and environment is preferred than being forced to manage a disease or illness.

    Physically includes the head/ scalp, neck and shoulders. Depending on the agreed time - the forhead and upper back can also be treated.

    The massage typically works on pressure points relieving tensions, formed in the head, neck and shoulders. As these areas generally store pent up tensions. 

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